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What’s The Hype?

It’s that time of the year again – when everyone starts shopping for cheongsams, when every shop decorates their interior with fiery red colours and when every child and teenager’s hearts get filled with anticipation. Yes, it’s Chinese New Year again in a few months’ time!

As we all know, Chinese New Year is a festival which is well known and well celebrated by all Malaysians. During Chinese New Year, the adults will normally give out angpows to the younger ones. Not only that, most companies will also give out angpows consisting of their customized designs, attracting more and more customers to their businesses. In this era where advertisement requires a great deal of creativity, this is definitely a good way to advertise your business as ang pow is a necessity during this festive season!

Uniqueness In A Festive Season

Sometimes, you may acquire the angpow packets from bookshops or some businesses. However, their designs may not be to your liking. Besides that, you already have a design in mind and it’s just screaming to be printed onto an ang pow packet.

How can you emboss your desired designs onto ang pow packets then?

Print Your Own Ang Pows!

Look no further as we have exactly what you are seeking for – ang pow printing!

Angpows come in different shapes and sizes. Through us, you will be able to choose how your final ang pow design looks like. If you already have a desired design in mind, you can convey it to us and we will try to achieve and meet your expectations. If you don’t have a design in mind, we also have a wide variety of selected combinations for you to choose from or you can also work together with our designer to draw it out.

Nowadays, as angpows come in different colours as well, you can choose your favourite angpow colour too! A combination of quality design and an exciting splash of colours will definitely lift everyone’s mood for Chinese New Year.

Isn’t that exciting that you can expand someone else’s ang pow collection?

Introducing Our Dedicated Team

At Printing Professor, we have a great and enthusiastic team that helps you with your printing expectation. We aspire to use the skills and talents we have to help you meet your desired outcome and we can’t wait to see what kind of design we can come up with you!

As we believe in quality for all our clients, we only use good quality angpow packets and colours to produce a spectacular result. Do not worry as we price our goods at a reasonable and affordable price so that our clients do not suffer significant financial burden. After all, we want you to have a good experience when you engage in our services!

However, the thing that sets us apart from others is that we believe in helping the environment. Thus, our ang pow packets and printing are eco-friendly!

Wait No More!

Whether you are an individual who wants to exhibit his or her art on an angpow packet or you have a flourishing business who wishes to customize their angpow packet, we can turn those dreams of yours into reality. What are you waiting for? Contact us today to get your design embossed onto ang pow packets!


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