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Small And Handy

Do you have a stack of notes that you want to organise? Do you have a business event where you need information to be printed in a way that the participants can understand clearly? Don’t want a book because it will be too large and bulky? Well, make it into a nice little booklet!

However, if you do print the booklet by yourself, it will be costly and time consuming. Think of it this way, you have to constantly feed paper into your printer, replenish it and orientate the papers properly. If you print it wrongly, you might have to start all over again. What a hassle!

Customizing Your Booklet

We understand that these problems arise sometimes. Therefore, let us help you with our booklet printing service!

Printing Professor offers you choices on how you want your booklet to be printed. Be it colour printing or monochrome printing, be it saddle stitching or perfect binding, we can do it all!

Furthermore, you can choose the type of cover you want for your booklet such as hard cover or self-cover. If you want a more glamorous finish, you can opt for glossy coating. If you want it to look a bit more sophisticated, go for the matte sheets. Clearly, choosing the right cover or paper can determine your outcome of the booklet upon completion.

Besides that, if you need a booklet for an event, you can even choose from our pre-designed templates if you don’t have your own design in mind. You can also choose us your desired booklet page size.

Types Of Binding

In terms of binding, we have a few choices to select from. Perfect binding is preferred if your booklet is around 40 pages or 2 inches thick; spiral binding is for booklets that have a thickness of around 2.75 inches and wire-o binding is for booklets that are about 1.25 inches thick. However, if you are unsure, we will be ready to advise.

Like what we said, we’ve got your needs covered!

Professors In Printing

Our pro team of printing experts are always ready to help. We are dedicated, hardworking and give our all when it comes to delivering the service needed to our clients. Not only that, we only use good quality printing papers so that you will be satisfied with the final product.

If you have any doubts or expectations about your booklet, we are ever ready to provide you with sufficient information and clear your lingering doubts. This will be able to help you to make a proper decision on how you want your booklet to turn out.

Even though we provide a wide range of booklet printing service, we prioritize our customers’ needs. Thus, we price our service at an affordable range so that we won’t burn a hole in your pocket. You will walk away feeling happy and satisfied for money worth the service.

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If you are seeking out places to print your booklet, look no further as we combine all you need for your booklet printing here! Call us up today to enquire more information so that we can help you print a perfect booklet!

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