Table Calendar With Chip Board Stand Price List 

6 x 5 inch
6 pieces inner
customise cover
3 x 5.5inch
12 pieces inner
customise cover

Table calendar with customise cover

2020 Malaysia Public Holiday

1 January 2020WednesdayNationalNew Year's Day
14 January 2020TuesdayNegeri SembilanYDPB Negeri Sembilan Birthday
19 January 2020SundayKedahSultan of Kedah Birthday
25 January 2020SaturdayNationalChinese New Year
26 January 2020SundayNationalChinese New Year
1 February 2020SaturdayKuala LumpurFederal Territory Day
8 February 2020SaturdayKuala Lumpur,
Negeri Sembilan, Penang,
Selangor, Johor
4 March 2020WednesdayTerengganuInstallation of Sultan Terengganu
22 March 2020SundayKedah, Perlis, Negeri SembilanIsrak and Mikraj
23 March 2020MondayJohorJohor Sultan Birthday
10 April 2020FridaySabah & SarawakGood Friday
15 April 2020WednesdayMelaka Declaration of Melaka as a Historical City
24 April 2020FridayJohor, Kedah &
Awal Ramadan
26 April 2020SundayTerengganuTerengganu Sultan Birthday
1 May 2020FridayNationalLabour Day
7 May 2020ThursdayNationalWesak Day
24 May 2020SundayNationalHari Raya Aidilfitri
25 May 2020MondayNationalHari Raya Aidilfitri
26 May 2020TuesdayNationalHari Raya Aidilfitri
11 July 2020SaturdayPenangPenang Governor's Birthday
17 July 2020FridayPerlisRaja Perlis' Birthday
31 July 2020FridayNationalHari Raya Haji
1 August 2020SaturdayNationalHari Raya Haji
31 August 2020MondayNationalMerdeka Day
9 September 2020WednesdayNationalAgong's Birthday
16 September 2020WednesdayNationalMalaysia Day
3 October 2020SaturdaySabahSabah Governor's Birthday
9 October 2020FridayMelakaMelaka Governor's Birthday
10 October 2020SaturdaySarawakSarawak Governor's Birthday
24 October 2020SaturdayPahangPahang Sultan Birthday
29 October 2020ThursdayNationalProphet Muhammad's Birthday
6 November 2020Friday PerakPerak Sultan Birthday
11 November 2020WednesdayKelantanKelantan Sultan Birthday
14 November 2020SaturdayNationalDeepavali
11 December 2020FridaySelangorSelangor Sultan Birthday
25 December 2020FridayNationalChristmas

Table Calender Malaysia

To be productive is to stay organized, and with that said, you need a calendar. With everything going paperless in this era of digitalization, it is safe to say that physical calendars are still holding on strongly to their position.

Team Physical Calendars

It is no doubt that everyone needs a calendar in life or for work, even though some says they have their memories to keep them in check. That is because they have not used one before. Once you start using one, you never go back. Thus, companies should encourage the practice of this good habit and provide their employees with desk calendars annually.

More Than Just An Organizing Tool

A table calendar does not only organize but it also helps adorn the desk. It provides a 365 day of overview with all the public holidays listed accordingly, making planning a breeze. With Malaysia having a tonne of public holidays, this is essential to keep your employees the top of their game to plan their work flow along these holidays. For multinational companies which work schedules not only surrounds local public holiday but also other countries’, customizing your desk calendars is a good way to add on their holidays to ensure no delay in deadlines. Add on also the major events of your companies so no one is being left out in any company’s celebration.

Gift, A Practical One

Aside from ensuring that all your employees get their calendars, you can also give them to your customers as gifts. When sending a gift over to your vendors or customers as a token of appreciation, aside from the value, you might want to consider the practicality of it too. Give them a mug and it might collects dust somewhere on the display shelf or end up in the pantry with a bunch of other mugs which they have received. Psychologist says that it takes 7 rounds of reading to get the information into your head. By giving your vendors and customers a table calendar which they would most probably place it on their desk, your brand awareness increases as they would be looking at it almost every day. There is no possible way that they would forget your company. Add on also your products, achievements and goals to every monthly layout as an additional marketing tool.

Memory Keeper

A break from the corporate talks, table calendars can also be customized to lock memories. Capturing moments has been made easier with the evolution of camera phones today. What is better than printing them out and instead of storing them in albums which are only flipped once a while, added onto table calendars? They can also be given as a gift with sentimental value.

The Technical Part

At Printing Xpert, we would like to help you achieve that, be it for corporate or personal use. Our ready-made calendars come in assorted designs, but we also anticipate your own customized designs because we treasure uniqueness. If you have no experience in designing one, fear not, as our creative team is always happy to turn your vision into reality.

When designing a calendar, there are certain elements which you might want to consider. First we have the layout. You can either select portrait or landscape. For the binding, we have the wire o binding, stapler binding and etc. As for the papers, we normally use art cards and here you can choose from 128gsm to 300gsm. Do not forget the finishing of the paper too. You can have them machine varnish or even gloss finished.

We are easily reachable by phone or by email. Time waits for no man, time to design for next year. Call us!

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