2020 Malaysia Public Holiday

1 January 2020WednesdayNationalNew Year's Day
14 January 2020TuesdayNegeri SembilanYDPB Negeri Sembilan Birthday
19 January 2020SundayKedahSultan of Kedah Birthday
25 January 2020SaturdayNationalChinese New Year
26 January 2020SundayNationalChinese New Year
1 February 2020SaturdayKuala LumpurFederal Territory Day
8 February 2020SaturdayKuala Lumpur,
Negeri Sembilan, Penang,
Selangor, Johor
4 March 2020WednesdayTerengganuInstallation of Sultan Terengganu
22 March 2020SundayKedah, Perlis, Negeri SembilanIsrak and Mikraj
23 March 2020MondayJohorJohor Sultan Birthday
10 April 2020FridaySabah & SarawakGood Friday
15 April 2020WednesdayMelaka Declaration of Melaka as a Historical City
24 April 2020FridayJohor, Kedah &
Awal Ramadan
26 April 2020SundayTerengganuTerengganu Sultan Birthday
1 May 2020FridayNationalLabour Day
7 May 2020ThursdayNationalWesak Day
24 May 2020SundayNationalHari Raya Aidilfitri
25 May 2020MondayNationalHari Raya Aidilfitri
26 May 2020TuesdayNationalHari Raya Aidilfitri
11 July 2020SaturdayPenangPenang Governor's Birthday
17 July 2020FridayPerlisRaja Perlis' Birthday
31 July 2020FridayNationalHari Raya Haji
1 August 2020SaturdayNationalHari Raya Haji
31 August 2020MondayNationalMerdeka Day
9 September 2020WednesdayNationalAgong's Birthday
16 September 2020WednesdayNationalMalaysia Day
3 October 2020SaturdaySabahSabah Governor's Birthday
9 October 2020FridayMelakaMelaka Governor's Birthday
10 October 2020SaturdaySarawakSarawak Governor's Birthday
24 October 2020SaturdayPahangPahang Sultan Birthday
29 October 2020ThursdayNationalProphet Muhammad's Birthday
6 November 2020Friday PerakPerak Sultan Birthday
11 November 2020WednesdayKelantanKelantan Sultan Birthday
14 November 2020SaturdayNationalDeepavali
11 December 2020FridaySelangorSelangor Sultan Birthday
25 December 2020FridayNationalChristmas

Wall Calendar Malaysia

Give Your Brain A Break

A cluttered mind, missed deadlines and birthdays, last minute tasks because you have forgotten about the deadlines and your brain only decides to remind you one day before it, are these familiar to you? If yes, it is perhaps time to get yourself organized with a calendar. Strengthening your memory by not being dependant on organizing tools is not a bad thing, but our human brains are ever so limited with its capacity. On top of all the chicken essence and gingko pill which you are pumping your own body with, the calendar might be the ultimate solution to aid with your day to day activities. It helps you stay productive too.

Brain Assistant

Having a calendar with a monthly spread, you would be able to see a full month’s worth of activities planned out. Mark the dates for special occasions so you would not miss out important appointments such as your medical check-ups, or any anniversaries. It gives you a heads up on upcoming events so planning for leaves are at ease. No more last minute gift shopping or sulky face when you forget your loved ones birthdays. Trust me, it saves you a lot of hassle.

The Right One

Now that you have finally decided to get that calendar, it is time to choose the right type of calendar for your needs. The common ones are the pocket calendars, desk calendars and wall calendars. Pocket calendars are for the go, which you bring around when you commute. It enables you to jot down events on the go. Then you have the desk calendar which is rather popular among corporates because it can be given out to business partners. With the company’s logo and products printed on them, desk calendars serve as a very useful and practical marketing tool worth investing. But desk calendars can be rather small and are mostly used to just mark important dates and for decorations.

Wall calendars on the other hand are bigger in size, providing more space to not only highlight events, but also to plan daily activities. To maximize its usefulness, it is best to hang it on a space where people can easily see it. For households, having a wall calendar helps a tonne. By having all your kids’ school activities and competitions all on one page, it would definitely help to keep track on everyone’s whereabouts. For companies, it gives your employee an overview on the company’s monthly plan and for each departments, shared deadlines can be marked so planning can be executed properly.

Print With Us

Here, we provide ready-made templates for you to choose from, made out of different thickness of papers. If nothing catches your attention from these selections, feel free to customize your own wall calendar template. You can have your company logo inserted, or even photos. Some like having their family photos printed on the calendars, you can too! Please make sure that your photos are of high resolution so when printed out, it is clear. You can choose what type of finish you want your calendar to be too. Either go with the normal paper or matte finish, or you can go with a glossy one. We do not only accept bulk orders, orders of small quantity are mostly welcome too, with reasonable and affordable pricing. Planning waits for no man, another spent waiting is another day wasted. Contact us now!

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