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There’s an internet saying that goes, “My wallet is like an onion, opening it makes me cry.”

We bet that all men and women in Malaysia can relate to this saying. The rising prices of items have caused our daily expenditure to increase. Even if we are spending it just on our “needs” such as groceries and not on our “wants”, we often feel like our expenditures are catching up with our income or savings. This reason alone may even drive your customers away eventually.

How are you going to keep your customer flow then? You can do so by having promotions, discounts, sales and item giveaways. Don’t have budget to give free items away? Get them vouchers to reward them for their purchase! These can be in the form of gift vouchers or cash vouchers. If you are running a retail store or business, cash vouchers are normally the best way to your consumers’ heart. It’s like a coupon!

Customise Your Cash Voucher

You can customise your cash voucher with details such as the amount of cash rebate given which is normally around RM5, RM10, RM20 or RM50. You can also insert the terms and conditions to use the voucher as well as the expiry date of the voucher. Not only that, you can come up with an attractive design for your voucher.

When you come to us, you can further customise your voucher by choosing the paper material, size, colours for printing and finishing. The material can be either art paper, simili, colour paper or art cards. For better quality, you can choose a higher grammage as well. Choose a suitable size for your voucher so that it is easily carried by your customers. Besides that, if you want to save up a little on your printing, you can choose lesser colours or if you want to go all out, choose to print your vouchers with full colours. Give it a sleek look by using a finishing such as matte or gloss finishing.

Lastly, choose what form do you want your vouchers to be distributed in – whether it will be compiled in a pad, book or in loose sheets so it can be viewed easily. You can even choose to number the vouchers and give it a perforation line.

The Best At A Reasonable Price

As our printing team are professionals who are equipped with adequate knowledge, skills and experience, we are confident that we can offer high quality printing services for you. Before or during the printing process, we will also advise you on the design so that it will fit your standards after printing.

Besides that, we use only printing products and material of good quality. As we use high quality inks, your vouchers will look classy and professional so your customers will be impressed.

The best thing is that we price our cash printing service reasonably. We want to make it affordable for you so you can maximise this publicity method to keep your customers coming. It is definitely more practical and cost effective to give out cash vouchers than getting individual gifts for your customers to bring home as an appreciation.

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Start rewarding your consumers now with cash vouchers so you can keep them for a long time! A satisfied customer is a loyal customer after all. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out how you can make this into a reality. Call us up today!

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