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8.5''(H) x 6''(W) x 3''(W)
11''(H) x 7.3''(W) x 3''(W)
16''(H) x 10''(W) x 3''(W)



Customize paper bag with String

All size count by inch.

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Paper Bags Malaysia

Shopping Bags

These days, we often see people carrying bags after shopping at a mall. Often, we can know where a person has shopped at based on the printed logos on the bags. As the world has begun to evolve into a place where aesthetics play an important role, not only should we put emphasis onto the products that we sell, but also the bags or packaging that the customers will take away.

In the past, the shops will always give out plastic bags to customers when they buy anything. However, nowadays, people are more conscious of the environment and strive to make this world a better place. Many areas have also started on the “No Plastic Bags” campaign. So, what should we use in its replacement?

An Eco-Friendly Option

A box is an option, but it won’t be practical to carry a box of shopping goods around after a shopping spree. A paper bag is a good choice to give to your customers together to pack the product that they have bought. It is easy to print, visually appealing and eco-friendlier.

How do you choose and customise your paper bag? Firstly, you can send us the design that you wish to have on your paper bag. Include your brand logo in your design so that people can get to know about it.

Next, you can choose the colour of your paper bag as well as the handle. Make sure you choose a colour that will complement your design so that it will look good. You can also choose to have it printed in full colour or black and white. After that, you will be able to select between art paper or art card for your paper bag material. The durability of your paper bag will depend on what material you choose.

Finishing also makes a difference to your final product. A glossy lamination or matt lamination can be chosen to give it your desired effect. Thus, you can choose to have your paper bags laminated or not. Last but not least, you can choose the sizes and quantity of your paper bag.

With that, your custom paper bags will be complete!

Quality Printing Assured

Printing is our expertise and our pride. We are meticulous, hardworking and dedicated to our work as we want to deliver the best service for you. Furthermore, we are patient with our customers so feel free to ask us anything and clear your doubts before you get your paper bags printed. We will also provide advice on how to make your paper bags even better.

Other than that, we only use materials of the best quality so that the quality of the paper bag won’t be compromised when it is finished. It will definitely bring more appeal to your brand name and increase its popularity among the consumers.

We also make sure that our printing services are affordable and reasonably priced. You can easily enhance your brand name with your newly printed paper bags without burning a hole in your pocket.

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