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Even in this modern era where technology prevails and everything can be done online, printing is still a necessity. A physical print often holds either a sentimental value or a more realistic touch to a certain item. Not only that, some people prefer information in its physical form for easier access when they do not have any electronic gadgets. This is especially prevalent in Malaysia amongst university students and their notes.

Most businesses also need to print many copies of a piece of information and sometimes they need it fast. What’s more they need it at a cheaper price! However, there may be need to change it at the very last minute due to some uncertainty. What if your boss requests this and you glumly scratch your head over how to do it? Don’t worry, we have just the solution for you!

What’s Good About Digital Printing?

As there are many types of printing, you will have to know which suits your needs. However, for the scenario stated above, digital printing is definitely the best choice! Why is this so?

Digital printing is referred to as printing directly from digital files or images from cameras such as PDFs and Illustrator. The files are normally sent straight to the printer. As it is a direct form of printing, the need for plates is eliminated which differs it from offset printing. Thus, it has a lower set up costs for short runs.

Besides that, as plates are not needed, it is good for on-demand printing as you can print only the amount that is needed and also when needed. Last but not least, last minute changes and variations can be easily printed.

Process Of Digital Printing

As plates are not used, there is normally some loss in fine image details in the process. The most used methods in digital printing are laser or inkjet printers. Toners or pigments are deposited onto a large variety of media which may include canvas, paper or photo paper. Unlike the conventional ink which is used by offset printing, the ink cannot permeate the media. Instead, a thin layer is formed on the surface of the media. Heat can be used to adhere it to the media with the use of hot fuser fluid.

Looking at the advantages and the process which digital printing offer, it is useful in certain applications. These may include advertising, architectural design, photos, fine art and personalised books.

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Our team of printing pros are experienced, skilled and dedicated in our work. We strive to provide the best quality printing service for you to produce products that are aesthetically pleasing. Thus, we only use inks of good quality and printers from trustable brands.

Not only that, we offer our digital printing services at an affordable price. You won’t feel like you’ve been ripped off after engaging in our services. This is because we put customer satisfaction as our top priority and we know that sky-high prices wouldn’t satisfy you.

Furthermore, we provide support in printing too by encouraging you to convey your expectations and doubts to us. We will advise accordingly and answer any lingering doubts you have in your mind. You will then be able to make an informed and wise decision.

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