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Event Planning

“There’s so much to do and so little time!”

This phrase of exclamation has been used far too many times especially in those who are planning for events. Well, it’s not surprising, seeing as event planning involves many aspects such as logistics, design, programme planning, publicity and sponsorship acquisition. This applies more to corporate or business events but can also be seen in university or college events. We often see these people running all over Malaysia just to get things done. That dedication is truly admirable!

Print Them All In One Go

An important thing that is easily overlooked during an event planning is the printing. Things that need to be printed are normally invitation cards for the guests or VIPs, event booklets, brochures, posters, banners, buntings, backdrops, certificates and bibs for runs. Sometimes, it is hard to find a place that can print them all.

Moreover, you are already tired from all the planning and want to get it done one shot in a single place without much hassle. The worst is if your designs are ready but you forgot to send them for printing!

The Answer – Event Printing

What if we tell you that this is possible?

We can settle all the printing for you! If it’s a company event such as a conference or exhibition, we can print the banners, buntings, event booklet, brochures, name tags and certificates all for you. If it’s a marathon or run, we can print the tickets, backdrops, banners, medals, shirts, bibs and certificates for you. If you want to distribute door gifts for your event, we can even print notepads or calendars customised for your event.

You name it, we’ll print it!

All we need is your confirmed digital art or design, the quantity and the type of products to be printed to kick off the printing. You can then just sit back and relax at home or busy yourself with other aspects of the event! We also provide stands for buntings and banners so you can display them at your event. Before printing, we will normally confirm and refine your design as much as possible so that the printing quality will not be compromised.

Value For Money

Our printing team is confident in delivering the best for you. We are dedicated, meticulous and skilled in all the printing services that we offer. We want the end products to be able to properly present how much your organisation has been preparing for the event. We want your business to flourish after all!

Not only that, we only use printing materials of good quality. We do not want to provide you with subpar products after all as you would need to use the prints to show off your event to your guests or participants. We also double check our printing products to make sure we have not printed wrongly.

If our printing services uses only good quality products, won’t it be too pricey? Rest assured as we have taken this into account as we put ourselves in our customers’ shoes. We price our printing services at a reasonable and affordable price. You will be able to cover your printing expenses without burning a large hole in your event budget.

Call Us Today!

If you are starting to plan for an event, start scouting out printing services for all your designs now. Our advice is to not wait until the last minute to do it! Contact us to know if we can help you to print all that you need for the event and we will be happy to assist you.

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