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Book Creases

“Oh my gosh, there’s a crease on the spine of my book!”

Only book lovers will understand the pain of the above statement. Books have different bindings – saddle stitch, perfect binding, spiral binding, thread sewing, hardcover, glue and many more. The one that is commonly used for paperbacks is glue, which although more economical and more easily done, are not that durable.

Durable Book Covers

Authors and book publishing company often wish to protect the printed book copies as much as possible. However, books that are bounded by glue normally wouldn’t last that long. Not only that, the cover used for paperbacks are easily damaged. That would not be ideal for authors and book publishing company who wants to keep copies of their book products for a long time either at home or at the company. They would want to view the book again and again.

Book lovers also often set out on a hunt for their favourite books or new books at places such as Big Bad Wolf all over Malaysia only to find the paperback version of it damaged. Sometimes they would even such high and low in book shops and stores to look for a hardcover book so that they can keep the book for a long time.

Protect Your Book With Hardcover

In times like this, a hardcover or hardback binding should be used!

Hardcover, which is sometimes known as case bound, has a very hard and protective cover. The cover is made up of heavy paperboard or card and is normally covered with a cloth or heavy paper. Hardback books have a flexible spine. Hardcovers can lie flat when it is opened without leaving an ugly crease on the spine.

Not only that, these books are normally printed on more durable papers compare to paperbacks. These papers are known as acid-free papers. These papers are normally sewn together. After that, it is put between the boards and glued onto the spine. Thus, it is normally more expensive than printing paperbacks, however, if you think of it as an investment, its value is higher than that of a paperback as it is more durable.

As hardcovers are comparatively more valuable, dust jackets are often used to protect these books. There are also options to go for “jacketless hardcover” bindings for the cover art design to be printed directly onto the hardback board.

Printing Experts At Your Service

Our printing team are experts at printing hardcover books. We understand the sentiments of an author and a book publishing companies. Thus, we handle the printing of these precious books with care and caution. We check through the binding and printing meticulously and with dedication to ensure that there is no major defect in the final product.

Besides that, we only use printing inks and hardcover materials of good quality. We believe that quality of the book is important as books are treasure chests of knowledge.

Furthermore, we offer our hardcover book printing service at an affordable and reasonable price. We want you to be able to print your book orders without much worries so you can get your fantastic work out there to be treasured by avid readers.

Look No Further!

If you’re an author looking to print your book or if your book publishing company is looking for hardcover book printing services, look no further as we have the expertise to do so! Contact us today to get more information about our printing services and let us do the printing for you!

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