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Old School Charm

If you think that business cards are the most valuable collateral for your company, think again. Letterheads play an important role in representing your company too. It is more than just a piece of printed paper, it carries the image of your company. In this technology driven era, when almost everything is one click away, a little bit of physical touch would make people appreciate your company so much more because we are after all social creatures. When you make an effort to put up a letterhead rather than just mailing a blank paper with wordings on it, people would feel the sincerity and leave a good impression on your company.


Letterhead Essentials

People say you are what you eat, I say your company is what your letterhead is. Now, designing a letterhead can be a little overwhelming especially if you are a first timer and you are dying to impress your clients, so here are some tips.


The basics

  • Logo. What is a company without a logo? Be sure to insert your companies’ logo at the most eye catching space on the letterhead. Readers should be able to recognise the logo at first glance.
  • Company name. Should this even be more crucially emphasized? If your company is not as established as Pepsi or McDonalds where the logo speaks for itself, it is highly advisable to insert the company name especially if your company logo does not have it.
  • Business type. If you are a sole trader, go ahead and display your name to let people know the superhero of the business or if the business is a partnership or a limited company, be sure to introduce your partners.
  • Contact details. Clients are impressed and they would like to contact you, but how? Leave basic contact informations such as address, phone number and email address. These would be sufficient because you would not want to cram too much information onto one piece of paper and make it hard for people to read.


Creative Side

  • Colour is an effective tool to catch one’s attention. It can also be used to highlight a specific part of the letterhead. But use it sparingly to create the best effect. While black and white might portray your company as more mature and classy, a splash of sunshine would give your company some youth.
  • Design. Design the letterhead like how you would want your receiver to feel. It will directly shape their thoughts about your company by looking at your design. But bear in mind also to not go overboard, minimalism is not a bad thing on letterhead designing sometimes. Make sure it does not overpower your logo and all the important information which are supposed to be the real stars. So, let the creative juices start flowing!
  • Texture of paper. Aside from the two elements mentioned above, texture of the paper is equally as important. At first touch of your paper, people would already start imprinting their thoughts of your company. Too thin or low quality of a paper would make people lose a little confidence in your company. Hundreds of letterheads are out there to impress, make sure you do everything right.
  • Printing method. A thing or two that you should know about the printing method is that the most common two are digital printing and lithographic printing. Digital printing actually uses heat to fuse the toner on the paper. While it is a better and more cost effective option for brochures and flyers where they are already the finished prodcut, it may not be the best for letterheads which are meant to be reprinted with contents. Inks may smudge along the process. Lithographic printing, although on the pricier end would give a more premium finish.


Printing Warriors on Duty

Lithographic printing would an option if your company is big with bulk orders of over 500 letterheads. If your company is still fresh while still understand the importance of a letterhead, you can always opt for a printable template which allows you to only print them when needed together with the content.

Or, you can approach us for the best quotation. Aside from printing customized designs, we also have a collection of impressive templates for you to choose from or get your inspiration from. Do not hesitate to drop us an email or give us a call for more information.



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