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Menu – The Backbone Of A Restaurant

What do you normally do when you walk into a restaurant or cafe? Most people will ask for a menu!

In Malaysia, food is everything to the people here. People will often research about a place before visiting it to try out the food to avoid disappointment. Some may also do an extensive search about the price and food offered at the restaurant to see if it is within their budget or to their liking.

However, some places do not have any menus, making it hard for the people to place their orders. Customers will also feel vulnerable as the price is not known to them and as far as they know, you can manipulate it yourself. Menus are the backbone of a restaurant business after all. You can showcase your bestselling food there as well as the price you are offering it at. At the same time, you will give off a more professional image to your customers with a proper menu.

Customise Your Menu

Printing a menu is not hard. The hardest part is to determine what you are selling. Once you’ve got that settled, you can work on the price list and art design of your menu.

You can choose how you want your menu to look like – either in the folded form, hard cover book, booklet form or on individual card papers. You can then choose the size of the menu such as A3, A4, A5, A6, 2DL or DL. Next, you can choose the type of material for your menu to be printed on. You can also select if you want single or double-sided printing. The normally available options are gloss art cards or coated white cards.

An additional selection for folded types are the number and pattern of folding you want for your menu. Last but not least, you can give your menu a suitable finishing to give it a sleek and professional look if you have selected to print it in the folded form or booklet form. If you have chosen to print it on individual card papers, you can also compile them into a complete menu by using a folder.

Top Notch Service For You

Our organisation has pride ourselves for having a team of experts in the field of printing. We have received tons of satisfactory feedback from our previous customers. All these are due to the tons of expertise, knowledge and skills that we have equipped over the years. Thus, we have been able to provide top-notched printing services for our customers.

Besides that, as we believe that quality is important, we pick and select the materials and products that we use carefully. We hate to provide anything that is subpar to our customers. Therefore, these materials are all of good quality to ensure the quality of the end product.

As we don’t want to burn a hole in your wallet or your company’s wallet, we provide our menu printing service at a price which is both reasonable and affordable. With this, you will be able to provide your customers with proper menus and uphold the image of your restaurant or store.

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If you are setting up a new restaurant or if you have decided that it is time to introduce a proper menu into your store, wait no longer! Print your menus with us so that your customers can place their orders and their confidence in you! Contact us today to know more about this service. You can also get to know about our other services which may be useful to you and your business such as calendar printing, paper bag printing and sticker printing.

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