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During the festive seasons in Malaysia, aside from all the houses coming alive with decorations and having endless supplies of cookies, there is one exciting thing which will never go out of sight, the giving and acceptance of money packets. The tradition of giving out money packets in Malaysia is said to have started from the Chinese communities as they believe it will ward off evils and bring good luck to the recipients. And Malaysia being a melting pot, it is not rare for different races to pick up different cultures from one another, especially good ones.  Just like how you have different versions of chicken curry, we now have duit raya during the Aidilifitri too. Even the Indians picked it up, giving out money packets during Deepavali.

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The giving out of money packet is a pretty rooted tradition in Malaysia, companies give them out to their staffs, as a sign of appreciation and to bring prosperity to the business. Not only that they are given out during festive seasons, they are also used for other occasions such as birthdays and weddings.  When it was still back to the basic, the Chinese money packets are mostly in red as it is an auspicious colour to them, the Malay’s in green and the Indian’s in purple. Today, as aesthetics become an important aspect to almost everything, money packets are found in a variety of colours and designs, so many that it makes it hard to choose from.

With the modern printing technology and heightened respect for arts, the possibilities of the designs for the money packet are endless. With liking free stuffs running in our blood, Malaysians do not really buy money packets, they get them from several sources such as banks, hypermarkets and retail shops, because why buy when you can get it free. But do you know what is better than free money packets? Attractive and unique free money packets.


Here is where you can use these money packets as a marketing tool. The prettier the money packets are, the more demands they get. As it circulates around, it helps create an awareness to your brand as people will start noticing your logo which is printed on the packets as to find out where the packets are from. Besides, let’s not belittle the power of social media, because if your money packets are Instagram worthy, the users would be directly advertising your company’s brand by flashing their money packets on social media.

Thus, it is time to step up your game with the money packets if you want to win the hearts of the aunty, uncles, mak cik and pak cik. Just like how you want to impress them, they would in turn want to impress their recipients too. With numerous festivals celebrated throughout the year, companies should take this as an opportunity to use the money packets as a marketing tool. Designs should be eye catching and meaningful to stand out from the rest of the money packets out there. Your company’s logo should also be printed clearly to be easily spotted by the recipients. A pretty money packet design would make people anticipate for it every year. To make full use of it as a marketing tool, any discounts and promotions can also be printed on it. To let people learn more about your company? Leave your website or a QR code to redirect them to where you want them to go. Aside from corporations, more and more families are customising their own money packets with their family’s name on it too.

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