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Which Printing Technology To Choose?

Nowadays, there are many types of printing technology to choose from, even in Malaysia. As a smart and wise individual of the modern world, one should know when to use which to maximise the benefits and minimise the costs.

If you want to print only a small quantity, digital printing is your choice. What if you are working in a publishing company which publishes books from famous authors and magazines that have many avid readers? And now, you need to cater to hundreds or thousands of people. With such a large volume, which should you opt for?

What Is Offset Printing?

Well, we have the answer for you – offset printing! What is offset printing exactly? It is also known as the traditional method which utilises plates to transfer ink onto various media. The plates are normally made of metal.

As off set printing has a need for plates, it is more economical to print a large amount using offset printing. The more you print, the cheaper it gets. This is because the set up costs for this method of printing is higher than digital printing. Not only that, it captures fine details better than digital printing. The quality of image produced is consistently high as the images produced are sharp and clean.

Besides that, there are more choice for finishes and paper types. These include spot varnishes and card stock. Furthermore, it has better colour accuracy and special inks can be used if needed. These can be metallic, foils or white ink.

How Is It Done?

Although both offset and digital printing also transfer images onto various media, their processes are vastly different.

As we already know, offset printing uses metal plates to transfer images. This often requires images to be oxidised or applied through a polymer based chemical which is often rubber. This is because rubber can adhere more to the printing surface’s texture. Due to photosensitivity, chemical reactions occur and the final images are produced. After that, we apply the ink onto the plates using principles of lithography. We then press the images into the paper to produce the final product. Thus, colour control is accurately managed and the quality is often top notch.

What We Offer

At Printing Professor, we pride ourselves on our pro quality services. This is because we are a team of experts who equipped with the necessary skills and equipment. Not only that, we have ample experience to provide the best printing service for you.

Besides that, we charge our services at an affordable price. We do not want you to burn a hole in your wallet after all after engaging in our service. Best of all, we also try our best to answer your doubts so if you are unsure about anything or need advice, we are ready to do so. Any expectations about your printing can also be conveyed to us so that we can try to provide you the best.

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These may seem like a lot to take in especially if one is not familiar with printing methods. However, you need not worry! We understand that and thus, you can just contact us and we will try to advise you on which printing services will suit your project best.


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