Plastic Box Printing

How exactly important is packaging to your business? You have a great product and you want the whole world to know about it. But how do you ensure that your product is what they would pick out from the shelf among the ten others which are displayed on the same shelf? Here is where packaging comes in. 7 seconds rule, to be noticed, you first have to stand out. Packaging is a powerful tool that has the ability to make someone convince themselves to buy something that they might not necessarily need,


Plastic Revolution

There are many types of packaging that you may choose from, from paperboard boxes to plastic boxes. Many would opt for paper boxes, because why not? They are recyclable, cost effective, can be easily die cut, easily printed on and environment friendly.

But little did you that cardboard boxes consumes more energy and resources during production. From the trees, to the factory and then to the end product. Even though cardboard boxes are recyclable, most of them still end up in the landfill and are left to decompose on its own, producing the greenhouse gas, methane.

Plastic boxes on the other end is reusable, thus leaving a greener carbon footprint to the environment. Because it is not decomposable, they would not contribute to the increase in methane gas in the air. Plastic boxes are also no doubt more durable compared to cardboard boxes. They hold better shape and is waterproof, means no soggy packaging during rainy season!


Bare Display

With plastic packaging, you can opt for the clear boxes to display your product at every angle. Consumers would be able view your products without opening the packaging. No more guessing game and looking around before secretly opening a sealed cardboard box to inspect the goods. With less damaged packaging, there would be an improvement in sales because come on, knowing the consumers, we rarely even pick up goods on the first row. Instead we would always reach out to those at the back even if the first one looks perfectly fine, now who would even choose a product which the packaging has been ripped open by another consumer for inspection.


Plastic Box Printing

Printing on plastic boxes are not as rigid as you think. With the right tools and techniques, the possibilities are endless. As packaging is a representative of your company, it is important to print your logo on the plastic box. Just like cardboard boxes, you can also print the ingredients and expiry date if it is a food or skin care product. Leaving your company’s email address or social media would also be a good way to connect with your customers so they know there to go to if they need more information. While clear plastic boxes can be a little plain, we can print on a slight tint to give it some colour. An easy way to differentiate types of your products too. If clear plastic boxes are not your thing, we also provide services to print the boxes with desired colours. Other than that, our plastic box printing services also includes silkscreen, foil stamping, embossing and offset.


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