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Why is it important to stand out? Well, your first defend might be to not judge a book by its cover, but let’s get real, you do need a reason for someone to even pick you up from the shelf to flip through the contents to know how great you are. Imagine at social and corporate events where countless business cards are being exchanged or dropped at that fishbowl at the reception, how do you ensure that you leave behind a unique and lasting impression on other people? You step up your business card game by going plastic!


Reasons to Speak Plastic

  1. It makes people look twice at your business card, and this is a plus point because you have finally gotten their attention. Its expensive look instantly elevates the image of your company. It is even the perfect conversation starter. During occasions when a potential customer gets a quotation from you and you know there are several others which are on the consideration list, handing out a plastic business card definitely gives you brownie points because it gives people the assurance of your service when they see the effort in investing in details as little as a business card.
  2. It is durable. Business cards are an item which will definitely be passed around. So to ensure it survives the rainstorm or a coffee spill when the cat decides to tip over the mug when you forget to feed it, you can count on your plastic business card to be the last one standing when paper cards would probably be all mushy and crumply when dried. It will even survive the laundry!
  3. Cheaper in the long run. At this point, you must be crunching the numbers already in your head, like plastic business cards would definitely cost more and would it be worth the investment. Truth is, the production of plastic business card would definitely eat up your budget more than regular paper business cards, for now. But if you are looking into the future, it is going to put a smile on your controller because it is cost saving in the long run. Due to its durability, there would be less need to reprint your marketing collateral.
  4. Eco friendly. In this 21st century where carbon footprint is an understatement, it is important to be more eco-friendly in every way possible. Not having to reprint your marketing collateral in the near future and those business cards which have been passed around in the market being able to withstand the test of time, you are directly creating less waste.
  5. It is as customisable as paper. You may start wondering about the limitation of plastic business cards since it is made of plastic. Fear not, it is as customisable as paper. Colours would still appear as vibrant and die-cut design would still be as accurate as paper business cards would be.
  6. Plastic business cards can also made multifunctional by adding bar codes and magnetic strips. You might want to promote your product and services by giving them some discounts, so Voila, you now have a business card cum gift card.


Cool or Cooler

Plastic business cards come in various standard sizes and customizable ones just like their counterparts except that plastic business cards are cooler. Splash all the colours you want on that paper business card and have an awesome background but it can never be as awesome as a plastic one which can go clear, frosted and opaquely coloured. Yes, you just got yourself a place in the cool kids community. How futuristic would it be to have your information printed on a clear business card and make it seems floating in the air.


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Are you still crunching all the numbers? Budget is a concern and we hear you. Here, we provide plastic business card printing services at an affordable price range with no compromises in the quality. You can come up with your own design or approach us as we have an array of pretty templates for you to choose from. Plastic business card is not just a marketing tool, it is a modern art. So join the club and give us a call or drop us an email!





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