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Advertising and marketing are important aspects in almost every business and event. This is mandatory to get a company’s or event’s name out there in the open and to be known by everyone. Only then will people start to engage in a company’s services and the company will then be able to sustain itself. And only then will an event be successful and its target audience can be achieved.

Advertisement comes in many forms. It can be in the form of a bunting, banner, flyer, booklet, billboard sign or posters. What if you do not have large amount of money to be spent on advertising? Posters will be the best option for you!

Marketing Through Posters

Why do we say so? This is because a large poster can be placed in public places frequented by people. A well-designed poster will definitely garner attention. Since it is in a physical form and can be posted up for a long period of time, people who pass by the poster many times will involuntarily glance at the poster and it will be stored in their subconsciousness. This makes it an effective and inexpensive way to imprint it into the minds of many.

How To Unleash Your Poster’s Full Potential

Firstly, make sure your art design is vivid enough to be able to attract attention. This means that loud colours are encouraged. However, correct colours and layout should be used so that its colour will not change after printing, jeopardising what you intended for it to look. Thus, CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) colours should be used as most posters are printed using this four-colour process. Safety line or borders should be employed around the poster’s content as well. You could use a poster’s template for this if you are unsure.

Before handing it over to us to print, make sure you proof read your poster so that there are no typos. You wouldn’t want your audience to tease you over it, it would be quite embarrassing.

After that, when you hand it over to us to print, you will be able to choose your poster size and paper stock. A larger poster will definitely attract attention although its price will be a bit higher. Standard poster papers are generally quite good for marketing and publicity purposes. However, if you use a gloss text stock, it adds a glossy and shiny look to your poster, making it look sleek and attractive.

Thus, it is important for you to convey to us how you desire your final product to be.

Printing Pros

As we have ample experience and skills in dealing with poster printing, we are confident that you will be satisfied with our services. Our team are pro when it comes to techniques that are needed in printing.

Besides that, we offer our service at an affordable and reasonable price. You can publicise and market your event or product cost effectively without worrying too much about the price. All these are done while your final product will still be of the best quality that we strive to produce.

Sometimes, there will definitely be problems or doubts about the printing process. Therefore, we are ever ready to clear these doubts or discuss the problems with you to achieve the desired outcome.

Don’t Wait!

What are you waiting for? Get your posters printed for that amazing event or company that you are working hard for! Don’t be shy to contact us today and let us try our best to offer you top quality service!



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