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With our daily lives heavily associated with technologies today, almost everything is one tap or a click away. Businesses are also rapidly keeping up with the pace, by incorporating more digital elements into their business models, especially marketing where most information are communicated through social media and emails.


To Feel or To See

While this move is obviously understandable, many are not aware that the brand recall for email is only 44% compared to direct mails which has a surprising 75%. Because emails are such a convenient tool which people can check on the go, emails are often quickly glanced through and being forgotten after that whereas a direct mail will make readers devote some time and space to scroll through the contents. Recipients are also said to feel more valued when they receive a direct mail rather than an email. While it is cheaper and excellent for data analysis, email still has its limitation. Direct mail on the other hand is improving better than before. Business can now add QR codes to direct recipients to a designated site. It also enables space for endless creativity for catchy designs.


An Envelope for Every Occasion

  • Commercials

These are the most common envelopes for business purposes. Size ranges from #4 to #15, smallest to largest, with the most popular one being #10. It opens sideway with or without window. Envelope without window carries more confidential letters while the ones with windows are widely used for bills. Having a window automatically eliminates the need to write the address of the recipients.

  • Catalogues

Just like its name, catalogue envelopes are normally used for catalogues and documents, or any letters which are not meant to be folded. It is also used for magazines and resumes, and are sometimes padded for more protection. Catalogue envelope comes in two types of opening, either on the short dimension or long dimension. It also comes in two types of sealant, either the flap being heavily gummed or it is sealed with kwik-tak seals.

  • Square Envelopes

This shape are more commonly used for invitation cards. The flaps are also gummed for easy sealing.

An important culture in Malaysia during the festive seasons has got to be the distribution of “Ang Pao” or “Duit Raya” from the elderly and married couples in small pretty envelopes. The envelopes come in different sizes and patterns, mostly just slightly bigger than the ringgit notes. The designs varies every year too as companies and banks come out with newly customized ones annually.

Stand Out or Stay at the Corner

Speaking about customization, it is utmost important to ensure the envelopes sent out are properly designed. If your company has a logo, make sure to include on the envelope. After all, envelopes are supposed to be a marketing tool too. To stand out among the pile of envelopes received every day, your design has to be catchy and representative of your brands Recipients would need to want to read your content. Unless your company’s logo is black and white or you are going for monochromatic themes, splashing some colours on the envelope is a great way to gain attention and scream “OPEN ME”. If your envelope does not scream “OPEN ME”, you are definitely not doing it right. Have a theme which represents your company so people would recognise you at first glance. If your company has a cover letter, it is highly recommended that the envelope and the cover letter has matching designs. What is a pretty suit if the blazers and pants do not match?

Printing envelopes can be expensive, but not with us, we offer a range of affordable envelope printing services. You can have your designs printed classic, glossy or matte. We welcome your own customised designs to illustrate the identity of your company, but we also have an array of designs for you to choose from if you run out of ideas. We got you covered on the type of papers used for the envelopes as well. From Manilla, to white to recycles white, we have it all to cater to your needs.

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