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Putting Effort Into Your Packaging

As people nowadays put more focus on aesthetics and appearance of a packaging, the packaging of a product becomes increasingly important. Not only that, if you are operating a business in Malaysia, it would be good if the packaging of your products are aesthetically pleasing so that it can roll in more customers. If you are an individual who wants to send a gift to someone, good packaging signifies your genuineness.

You could say that a nice packaging is worth a billion words, isn’t that right?

However, it is often easier said than done. How many people would have the machine and equipment needed to create such beautiful packaging? How many people actually know how to properly print out a nice packaging?

How Packaging Printing Is Carried Out

Once you start to look in detail at the process on how to print your packaging, you would realise the difficulty of it. Firstly, packaging printing requires the necessary equipment and materials. Secondly, refined skills and proper design are needed to provide the best outcome. If you have prepared a custom design, feel free to convey it to us as well. As there are a lot of factors that come into play here, you would have to work with us to achieve your desired end product.

To sum up the normal printing process, we print the design onto your desired packaging paper. After that, we die cut it, meaning we cut out with a specific cutter to produce the shape that your design or label will be such as your company’s logo. Lastly, we fold the packaging into the final shape that is required be it a box, pack or a container.

Extra Finishing and Other Things

What if you want some extra finishing to make it shine above all the other packaging out there and further complete it? We offer gloss lamination, matte lamination, hot stamping or creasing line! This will give your packaging a unique look that sets you apart from others. Hot stamping encompasses heating a pre-coloured label and “ironing” it onto the packaging material. As for creasing line, it will allow your folds to look straighter and more uniform by weakening the paper along the desired lines.

Is it only limited to things like papers and boxes? No! You can even print it onto bags, you just need to tell us beforehand.

Printing Experts At Your Service

Printing Professor can satisfy your printing needs! We are a trusted team of printing experts who are experienced, skilled and trustworthy. As we prioritise our customer’s satisfaction, we strive to provide the best. Therefore, we only use materials and equipment of top quality so that the end result will be satisfying.

Besides that, we offer our services at a reasonable and affordable price. Worry not about the quality as we ensure that the service we offer are way better than the price we put onto it.

Furthermore, we are friendly and understanding people so do not hesitate to ask us when you are in doubt or you have an expectation to convey. We will try our best to answer and clear your doubts as well as execute what you wish for.

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Printing often seems easier than it actually is. Therefore, our company is ready to help when you are in need of professional printing services. Contact us today to experience the wonders of printing and to enquire more information!


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