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With Raya approaching, aside from all the mouth-watering lemangs and rendang and Ramadhan Bazaars flooding the neighbourhood, another thing that excites the young ones would be the receiving of “duit raya”. The Malays have a long history of giving out money during Ramadhan, but before “duit raya” was a thing, there were known as “sedekah”, which means giving out money to the poor and needy, a teaching from Islam. The act of giving out “sedekah” was also used to instil the concept of saving within the kids, to use the money on necessity such as food and school supplies. “Sedekah” was initially given out as coins but being in a multiracial country, the money is now packed in envelopes, following the footsteps of the Chinese which gives out angpao, red packets. In the context of today’s generation, “duit raya” is however expected during the Raya celebration, an addition to their tradition.

Eyes Over Everything

People usually get their green packets for free from places such as malls and banks. But with the non-stop improvement of the printing technology, more and more people are opting to customize their green packets. Aside from functionality, the modern day society tend to appreciate individuality and aesthetic more than ever, where everything gets approval from the visual first. Families are now adding their family name on their green packet designs, distinguish their green packets from the rest. Green packets meant for the children can also be printed with cartoon characters. That would keep them happy for a while. Apart from the traditional looking green packets, the market now has a variety of contemporary designs which are sometimes too pretty to be used.

Corporates, banks and malls should use this opportunity to come out with a design with the company logo on it. A beautiful design would make people line up for it and use it to pack the “duit raya”, an excellent marketing tool to increase your brand awareness when it circulates market.

Guide To Impress Your Nephews and Nieces

At Printing Xpert, we accept bulk orders and small quantity orders because unless you are planning to mass produce it for distribution, we understand that you do not need too many to give away. You can choose from some of our ready-made designs. If that does not satisfy you, we gladly accept customized design. If designing is not your forte, we can have a meeting to discuss on your idea and our team will come out with a design based on it.

Our raya packets comes in two types of flap. Your either open your packets vertically or horizontally. Gone are the days where you seal your packets with a lick on the already slabbed on glue. Designs today incorporate the art or origami to eliminate the use of glue to seal your raya packets. You can choose the types of paper to suit your needs be it thin or thick. To impress your recipients, you can include embossing and gold stamping in the designs of your raya packets. Make it shine under the sun. For businesses, you can also include a link or a QR code to direct people to a website for more information on your company. Our prices are hands down reasonable and affordable with no compromises in quality. Call us now! We deliver happiness!


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