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What better ways are there to announce your march to a new stage of life other than an invitation card to all your loved ones? Getting married is definitely one of those events in your life worth celebrating other than your birthday and a wedding is not going to be complete without an invitation. Even 6 year olds are giving out birthday invitations to their classmates to join them for a birthday blast, so of course your wedding needs an invitation like is there a reason not too?

Invitations 1 – Excuses 0

But as we can see, the younger generations are slowly ditching physical wedding invitation cards and are in fact either opting for e wedding cards or eliminating them totally. Wedding invitation cards are not only a tool to announce to the whole world that you are finally off the market, but it carries other responsibility too. Nine out of ten couples would give you their reasoning that wedding cards are costly and they would rather spend the money on some other more important parts of their wedding. But define important. Are the food served to your guests and wedding cake as important as your wedding cards? To show these off, first you need your guests to want to come to your wedding.

Importance of Wedding Invitation Cards

Sets the Tone

Wedding invitation cards set the tone to your wedding. You can spread words around but nothing really feel surreal until you have that invitation card delivered to your hand. A well designed wedding invitation cards also give your guests an expectation settings on how the wedding would be. First impression is important and lasting, and you would definitely want your guests to be excited rather than being forced to attend.

Dress Code

Nothing feels more out of place than being overdressed or underdressed for an event. Avoid this by setting a dress code so everyone is on the same page.

Venue and Time

The indication of the venue is as important as the dress code because no one is going to want to wear heels to the beach. Include a map at the back of your wedding card or print them on a separate sheet. No one is going getting lost with the help of GPS but it is always helpful if there are any shortcuts which they can take.

Be Thoughtful

When designing a wedding card invitation, it is important to put efforts on the details. Keep in mind on how you would want your guests to feel about the wedding when you are designing the wedding invitation cards. If you fear that all invitation cards will end up in the trash can and it would be a waste of money and effort, make it thoughtful, be creative and make it usable as a bookmark.

Unfold The Excitement

A wedding invitation would not be complete without a complimentary envelope. Not only that it gives a sense of excitement and mystery when guests unfold the envelope, wedding invitation cards envelopes also allow people to post back their RSVPS, provided that you print your address on it too and slip some stamps in so your guests would not need to spend a cent on it.

Make It Yours

Wedding planning can be really overwhelming and we would like to help lighten the burden. Just get the design ready, and we will do the printing. Quality assured because it is your big day so of course we would not want to ruin it. The invitation and envelope should have the same designs, if not, matching. As the envelope is the first thing your guests are going to see, so the importance of the design of your envelope weighs the same as the content. Our selection of readymade envelopes are endless, all that’s left is to leave your mark on them. If being ordinary is not your way of living, we provide customization of envelopes in terms of their sizes and paper quality. Not only that, we can have your envelopes laser cut as well so that they stand out from other invitation cards.

Design Yours Today

Wedding invitation cards are not just cards, it carries sentimental value too. Plus, how are your parents going to inform their relatives about your wedding if there are no wedding invitation cards to give out. Put a grin on their face and see them beam when they distribute those invitations. Reach us now by either dropping us an email or give us a call.

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